Saving fresh produce from surplus in a big way. Rejuce has collaborated with a network of distributors and suppliers to save fruit and vegetable waste from farms in the UK.

NO ADDED SUGARS, COLOURS, Flavours • never from concentrate • Local and seasonal

collected & selected carefully from trained chefs because it's too good to waste

Just like other guiltless brands without investment we started and still do a lot of festivals in the summer but this doesn't help or save any surplus fruit & veg in the autumn, winter and spring.

Over the years since we started in 2012 we have done. Glastonbury, Wilderness, Green-man, Shambala, End of the road, Secret Garden Party, Camp Bestival, Somersault, Boom-town, LeeFest, Bestival and ... Veg fest Bristol.


Each are packaged in 250ml bottles & 5 Litre bags in boxes for ease of our customers preferences.

Pictures of each attached at the bottom. With nutrional benefits of ingredients and PH levels

Mixed Apple, Mango, Red Grape, Orange, Carrot

We also did cocktail bars, markets, weddings, party events, lectures and barmitzfas all in the name of saving more fruit and veg fromgoing to waste and generate money to do it on a larger scale.

We've been extremely lucky, worked hard & thank everyone who has ever helped us get this far. See you at some festivals again this year too. If you want some Rejuce at your event, shop or festival please contact us bellow.


Made from fruit and vegetable surplus that might not be good enough to sell but too good to throw away

our primary objective is to save large amounts of; whole, RAW, local, seasonal, fruits and vegetables from going to landfill.

Join our juice revolution!

Save excess produce and save the world.



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Mixed Apple, Green Grape, Cucumber, Mint, Spirulina

Mixed Apple, Red Grape, Lemon, Beetroot & Ginger