Current Amateur Champions

125    – Vacant

135    – Vacant

145    – Vacant

155    – Vacant

165    –  Vacant

170    – Chris James

175   – Justice Bridgeford

185    – Andy Smith

195   –  Vacant‍‍‍

205    – Andy Smith

225    – Vacant‍‍‍

Hvy    – Wayne Sullivan

S-Hvy – Vacant

Ticket Info:

Presale Tickets
$25 General Admission

$500 Front Row Table for Ten People

$55 Front Row Seats

(add $5 per seat for day of event tickets)

all sales are final, all taxes included minus w cc use

(402) 714-9698

for cash or credit card

OFC 123:

Fri Dec 29‍‍‍, 2017

@Omaha Design Center

1502 Cuming St Omaha, Ne

Current Professional Champions

125    – Vacant

135    – Vacant

145    – Vacant

155    – Vacant

165    – Vacant

175    – Vacant

185    – Vacant

195   – Vacant

205    – Vacant

‍‍‍225    – Vacant‍‍‍

Hvy    – Vacant

S-Hvy – Vacant

Event Dates

Interested in Competing:

Every competitor will need Bloodwork results (for HIV Hept C and B) and a Physical with an Eye Exam to be able to compete!  
(Nebraska bloodwork is good from July 1-July 1 every year same as a $20 state license you get when you weigh in. 18yrs old and older)
(Iowa is good for one year from when you got it done. 18 years old and older)
(Arkansas is good for 6 months from when you got it done same as a $25 state license and $30 Federal license when you weigh in. 16 years old and older)

(If you have health insurance make an appointment with your doctor and ask for lab work for HIV, Hept B and Hept C YOU WILL NEED ALL THREE TO COMPETE....if you don't have insurance and you live around Omaha, Ne you can look up Physicians Laboratory and they will do all three tests for $68, if you don't you can call Advance Sports Lab 888 340 4644 for $79 they will find a place near you.)

Please Send Me the Following Information (thru email, Facebook message or text 4027149698):
Full Name

Date of Birth
Walking Weight
Desired Fight Weigh‍‍‍t
Amateur Record
Professional Record
City, State
Phone Number

It is not our job to give you easy fights or hard fights, that is completely up to you how the fight plays out. Our job as matchmakers is to find you competitive matches based on weight and experience as close as possible to help you grow, to give you a fighting chance, to give your opponent an equal chance, as well as give the crowd the best fights for their money. Thank you for choosing the OFC cage for growth, experience and a place to put your skills to test. Whether you fight one time or choose us as your home for MMA we promise to make your experience fair and one to remember for a lifetime.