I started out as a gamer, over 35 years ago now. I learned enough to turn tech in a very short time. I've worked on building and repairing personal systems for myself, family and friends almost as long as I've been gaming!

Aside from being a dad to a wonderful teen daughter and our 8 cats, I am passionate about gaming and helping people with computer issues.

      Loves #bacon

      Strongly dislikes windows support scammers and #beyonce

      head nerd at digital dr

      Ken Hawrylak

      Dad, entrepreneur, technogeek, gamer, musician, twitch streamer and cheeky Canuk!

      I'm a member of a player group online called Privateer's Alliance

      Privateer’s Alliance is an Elite ranked player confederacy of different play styles and groups.

      Mostly active in Elite:Dangerous, but many of our community's streamers play other games.

      If you see a twitch stream with [PA] in the title or a PA animated logo or static image on-stream, you can be guaranteed they will be helpful and answer questions as best they can. Check rules and heed mature content warnings ... don't say I didn't warn ya!

      We have a wide variety of streamers worldwide with vastly different styles.

      I Love:

      • My daughter
      • Guiding her (she does pretty damn awesome all on her own) as she grows up :)
      • Bacon, nuff said
      • All manner of games
      • Helping people use technology to solve problems and to solve people's technology problems. Say that 100 times really really fast!
      • Privateer's Alliance - best crew of streamers and players I've ever known

      My pet peeves include

      • foreign "Microsoft Support" techs that rip off the unaware and then syskey or otherwise brick a perfectly good computer.
      • walled gardens, like apple, and now microsoft. No they don't deserve capitalization.
      • #beyonce - dresses like shit outa my nightmares. If she's comfy good for her, don't mean I gotta like it ... ew.
      • having to use windows to game and fix peoples computers. plz WINE!