There’s no question, YOU are amazing at what you do, you’re striding out in your own business with a vision for creating something great, am I right?

Chances are you have a team of people around you, employees, contractors, suppliers but maybe you’ve been doing, or feeling the need to do, alot of the doing yourself?

Maybe you know you need to do more to get real traction and meet your goals but not sure when you’ll get around to it or who you can rely on to do it, if not you.  

Or...perhaps you’re just a little bamboozled, wondering why you simply don’t SHINE at some of the stuff others do?

It’s not unusual (and no, that’s not the cue for a song), like many entrepreneurs you have what it takes to go it alone, to take a risk and get out there but there’s always the odd road block to navigate.

That's where I come in…







Professional and personal development to promote continuous growth and strength. Creating motivation and success in your business and your life.

You move forward with clear goals, a strategy, a support framework to lead you towards success. Achieving more in less time.

With a career in consulting for call centres, management development, training management, sales & marketing I help to create and support your marketing effort and ‘share the load‘.

Be it a plan, someone to implement it, or just a little extra muscle on the team, I work in your business - another head, without the overhead.

I work with you to focus on what you want & love in life, and how to achieve it. I share tools and practices that move you forward faster towards your ideal life.‍‍‍

With a positive outlook, the plan in place and the support and love to move forward, my clients achieve great transformations.

You are amazing!

Just imagine how much more you could achieve with

the right support and focus with a coach on your team.

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I work with creative entrepreneurs who are:

  • passionate & purposeful
  • curious, bright & wholehearted
  • small business owners with big ideas
  • determined to build thriving business

In return, I bring experience and practice in sales, marketing & service, people & business development, leadership & management.

Find out more about how I work below.

Finding your feet

or learning to fly...

Just imagine how much more you could achieve with the right support and focus with a coach on your team.

About Me

Hello I'm Sunanda* Bailey, I‘m a personal coach, business development professional and on-call marketing manager, dedicated to connecting, developing and supporting creative entrepreneurs**. I'm passionate about helping people with creative ideas to make more money, reach wider audiences and live a ‘SHINY’ life.

*About the name: Everyone always asks about the name Sunanda, it's a regular name in Sri Lanka, apparently, an ancient Sanskrit name meaning ‘beautiful daughter’!

**Are you a Creative Entrepreneur:A creative entrepreneur is a bright, creative thinker who follows through and gets things done, treating everyone, whoever they are, as a valued collaborator and potential ally.  Creativity is not limited to the artistic sphere but includes entrepreneurial vision to conjure new opportunities out of thin air teamed with business savvy to bring the vision to reality.  

Entrepreneurs have always relied on their creativity to produce wealth, but the modern creative entrepreneur goes further, "using creativity to unlock the wealth that lies within themselves" - I help them do just that!

D o w n l o a d   m y   C V   h e r e

D O W N L O A‍‍‍ D

How I Work

For quite a while now, I’ve been creating, working in and alongside start-ups, small businesses and some larger organisations too!  As the on-call Business Development, Training Manager, Marketing Manager or Business Coach, I work with you as part of your team.

I work on a project or time basis to deliver your vision like this...

I’ve learned that a 'one-approach-suits-all' does not work and that the vision and passion of the business owner makes the difference between making it big and making a big mess.

I specifically work with passionate, purposeful, curious, bright and open-hearted small business owners and entrepreneurs with big ideas and the determination to grow a thriving business.

How does it work?

I work on a project basis or day rate and we can get together and chat over a real or virtual coffee about what you need and how we might work together.

What next...

If you think that having a sounding board and business coach or that extra 'muscle’ or pair of hands on the teamto get stuff done would be helpful, I’ll send you an outline of how that might work for you.

Many hands...

Just imagine how much more you could achieve with the right support and focus with a coach on your team.

“By creating an online solution rather than the workbook-style we'd envisaged, we’ve gone further than we imagined”. T A Mitchell

Biz Mums
Heidrick & 
The Muster

F I N D   O U T   M O R E   A B O U T   H O W   W E   M I G H T   W O R K   T O G E T H E R . . .

L E T ‘ S   T A L K


Prior to becoming a part of Heidrick & Struggles, Co Company had a brief to create a training workbook for executive team coaches. After consultative research and analysis the solution took the project online. My team created a training portal and learning management system to house their epic training, to include strategy, process, staff development and a membership-based website.

Michelle envisioned BizMums – her concept for child-friendly networking for mum entrepreneurs to avoid returning to work after having her first child.  The original website required a long-awaited overhaul and bigger plans and visions needed some scoping. Michelle, is a fireball of enthusiasm and productivity and quickly launched her conferences, team development and academy elements following our coaching.

The Muster is the collective noun for peacocks but also a the name of a monthly 'networking' dinner party I set up, organised and hosted. Unique in it's format, an informal business-related presentation - including the likes of Dragons' Den's Rachel Elnaugh - over nibbles around the dinner table and an intimate chance to share and develop vision and ideas with other creative entrepreneurs. Creative, not restricted to the creative industries, but those prepared to develop new, out-of-the-box ways to do their 'thing'!  The group is currently not meeting.

The Muster

Illustrating when a coaching relationship can bring forth co-creation. A simple elegant site and strategy to impart creative expression, with just over 4000 followers on Facebook in 5 short months, A Page has a powerful attraction.

Driver Hire, with 30 years experience and a nationwide presence with offices across the country, find work for transport and logistics operatives.

Some franchised, others managed offices, there is an inherent need to reach out to suitable end-user clients and provide a quality service and ultimately the right candidate for their job.

Working with the local office to devise a cohesive sales and marketing strategy and implement systems and processes to ensure a seamless, effective service matching drivers with work opportunities.

Recent Projects

O R   C O N N E C T   O N   S O C I A L   M E D I A

Wherever you are...

Just imagine how much more you could achieve with the right support and focus with a coach on your team.


Clients, click here to make an

Just imagine how much more you could achieve with the right support and focus with a coach on your team.

Just imagine how much more you could achieve with the right support and focus with a coach on your team.

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